Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This and that

The house is officially for sale! Now other than keeping it clean, I should have some free time for sewing again. WOO.

And hey, this might force me to develop neater sewing habits. like throwing thread tails in the garbage rather than just tossing them wherever to deal with later. I have a couple of custom orders to put together (although one, for another Angela bag, will be uh, interesting, since I packed the pattern pieces and I'm not sure where they are! I can recreate them, but it'll add another step to the process). And I want to cut and sew up all the yummy flannel I got a few weeks ago, since the doll diapers/bibs are proving popular.

This is an order for L. Doll diapers, one of the doll Mei Tais I posted about before, a regular sized bib and a doll sized bib. Still not happy with the regular bib pattern, the bottom corners are supposed to curve a bit more. My poor baby has about 12 wonky looking bibs now, from all the test runs!

And a few shots from the garden, just for the hell of it:

I can haz tomato?

Zucchini! I think it's changed it's mind and decided it likes the soil after all. Also I stopped watering it so much, I think it was getting too wet.

Cucumber. I am quite tickled to be growing this. For some reason cucumbers have always seemed really exotic to me, maybe because I don't remember my mom ever growing them? Or because the English ones in the grocery store always come wrapped in plastic? For whatever reason they've just never struck me as something anyone can grow, so the fact I have a half a dozen little ones on the vine already is making me smile.

And now to run around picking up specks of dirt and getting ready to clear out of here for the open house today.

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