Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes more vegetables.

Blah blah blah garden blah blah blah stuff growing blah blah blah. Hey, I find it fascinating!

Purple basil. This stuff smells incredible. I'm also growing some of the more usual basil; hopefully by the end of summer I'll have enough to make some pesto for the freezer.

Yes, MORE zucchini! And two of the plants haven't even set fruit yet. It's crazy how fast these grow - Friday these two were maybe the length of my hand and skinny, and in 48 hours they'd doubled in length and thickness. One we ate for lunch yesterday, the other is sitting on the counter awaiting its fate.

So many little green tomatoes. RIPEN, DAMN IT.

Cucumber! I've got one to pick today, I think, and plenty more coming. The first one we picked was consumed on the spot, in its entirety, by the four year old. Apparently the secret to getting kids to eat vegetables is to grow your own. She even tried the zucchini yesterday! And she's very fond of nibbling on the lettuce.

Cauliflower! I have four of these. We'll see if the kiddo is willing to try them once they are ready for harvest.

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