Friday, July 31, 2009

Working on the diaper stash

Since the baby just won't stop growing, I'm spending a lot of time on diaper sewing at the moment. With a little luck, these will last through potty training. Hopefully.

I'm moving over to using all in two diapers (AI2s) because they are way easier to get on a wriggly baby than most other things. I use snaps because they don't get all tangly in the wash like hook and loop tape will. I always use two rows of snaps because that lets you adjust the fit of the waist and the thigh seperately.

The insides use snap-in soakers. This makes them dry faster than an all-in-one diapers, where the absorbent part is inside the diaper.

The soakers are actually split in two as well, again to improve dry time. Because they contain six layers of flannel and 3 layers of zorb, if they were all one they'd take forever to dry.

So here you can see them laid out. These will dry nice and fast! And so far they've been absolutely bulletproof, no leaks at all. Plus if I find I need more absorbency, I can make bigger soakers but use the same shells.

The baby doesn't need to be changed so often anymore, so 15 or so of these should be plenty. Got a few more to go. They are going to look so pretty when they're all done!

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