Saturday, July 18, 2009

Works In Progress

Bunch of stuff on the go right now. On the right is an almost complete bag, it just needs a strap added. Black outside, funky print inside. I'm very pleased with it. In the middle is the flap for a similar bag; I have to construct the interior. And to the left is a pile of funky fabric also being turned into a bag.

A better look at this nifty IKEA fabric:

The piece on the top will be the front flap of the bag. not to everyone's taste, I'm sure, but somewhere out there I'm sure someone will love it!

I'm working on taking my bristol board pattern pieces for that style of bag and converting them into a PDF file. This serves two purposes: I can print more copies for myself whenever I need to, and I can eventually turn it into a pattern for sale.

This is attempt number 1:

Laid out nicely:

Taped together and ready for testing.

Comparing these to the originals, I didn't get the sizes quite right, but I'm close. Flap piece needs to be longer and both pieces need to be wider. So I'll tweak the vector graphic orginal, convert to a PDF, and reprint. Once the sizes look right, I'll make a quick test bag, exterior only, out of muslin to make sure it's correct. Then it's on to creating the rest of the patern pieces (for things like the interior cell phone pocket and pen pocket) and making a complete bag from scratch so I can photograph all the steps. Finally, write the actual pattern and get a tester or two to sew it up. And then, after all that, PROFIT!

Pattern writing something of this scale is going to take a while. My previous patterns have been much simpler! And there's that damn baby bib pattern I still need to complete, too. Augh.

Other stuff on the go includes sewing a Mei Tai for a friend (I need to figure out what I did with my Fabricland discount card so I can buy the strap fabric!), making up some more doll diapers and doll Mei Tais, maybe doing a pattern for the doll Mei Tais, and some sleep masks a friend has requested. Oh, and spending some time with my family. Should probably work that in there somewhere too.

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