Friday, November 6, 2009

Custom order: Doll accessories

This is a custom set of doll accessories for an Etsy customer. Two identical sets, one in purple hearts, one in green apples.

Each contains a blanket, two wipes/burp cloths, a bib, and two diapers.

Doll diapers are really adorable, I have to say.

The complete sets! Lots of fun in store for a couple of little girls, I think! I got lucky today when both kids took naps at the same time so I was able to crank these out. Maybe that swine flu was good for something, normally my older daughter would never in a million years take a nap. I could have done with the endless worrying, though (her fever seems to have broken and she just demanded a bowl of chocolate pudding, so I think she's feeling better).

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