Monday, November 9, 2009

Doll house renovation part IV: More interior progress

Coming along! The swine flu appears to be on its way out, finally, which will hopefully mean more craft time (and a kid who isn't sick, of course).

The green room is painted ($2 spent on craft paint from the dollar store), and the floor laid. The floor in the green room is made of wooden coffee stir sticks ($1 at the dollar store). I'm not 100% thrilled with it, but the important thing is it's DONE.

Shot of the green room, with the window framed.

Blue room with trim added. I'm making 'baseboards' out of the popsicle sticks leftover from making the floor here - it took slightly more than 1 bag to do this floor, so I have a TON left, hopefully enough to do the trim in the whole house.

Framing the door. Here you can kind of see the 'seams' between the popsicle sticks, which I've filled in with some wood filler I had on hand.

Close up.

I have wood filler lying around, so I'm using it to smooth out the seams. I think I'm going to paint the trim in the whole house interior white to kind of give the whole thing a unified look, even though each room has a different colour and a different floor. Pure white trim throughout should sort of pull it all together. In theory. Actually painting it is probably going to be a massive pain in the ass - I think I might paint a whole bunch of the popsicle sticks white tonight. They'll need a final coat put on after being installed, but it'll make the trim painting in the other three rooms significantly easier if most of the sticks are already white! Should have thought about that before I starting gluing trim pieces all over the place.

The red room is the kid's room, so it'll have this crazy multicoloured floor. Dollar store again, these popsicle sticks come prepainted in lots of colours. $2 for two bags, with a ton left over that I can use for other things, like maybe some popsicle stick furniture. I used some clear varnish from the paint closet to finish and seal the popsicle sticks.

Total spent for this post (paint, popsicle sticks): $5

Total to date: $14

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