Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prototype: Pencil and notebook case

This is something that I was asked if I thought it would be possible to make, and I said, what a great idea and got to work. This is the prototype and it has some issues, first off that I really don't like the black and grey fabric, but for some reason I have a ton of it so it's good for making prototypes.

Reverse side. Very similar to the little people rolls, obviously.

Inside! Pencil crayons and a notebook. I think this is such a great idea, and after i work out a few more details I'm definitely going to make a bunch of these. I need to make the whole thing about an inch taller, and the pockets need to be a bit snugger because right now a couple of the pencil crayons really want to slip right out. Both of those are easy problems to solve, however.

Close up. I think these would actually be really nice with a plain black outer and the crazy rainbow inner. And what a great thing to have tucked away in your purse for child entertainment emergencies! the number of pencil crayons can easily be increased, too, although more colours makes matching up the background fabric a bit of a pain. I shall have to experiment a bit more with that. And this could also be made with crayons or markers, too, although that will require working out the specific sizing for each one.

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