Monday, November 23, 2009

Dollhouse renovation part VII: Exterior and furniture

Progress on the house exterior! Windows are framed and painted purple, and I've painted some grass along the bottom. I'll be adding in some flowers as well. Also, note the hook and eye set ($1) to keep the doors closed when not in use. Paints are from my craft supplies.

I have to figure out what to do with the roof. It looks kind of wrong to leave it just plain.

I also painted grass along the bottom of this side, and added some vines and flowers. Painting is not where my talents lie, clearly, but I think it's prettier than the plain white, and it was fun to paint!

Close up. This actually looks a lot better in person. Really, I swear.

The interior is fully painted. I'm not happy with the curtains, so I'm going to change those. I'll post more about the curtains when I get them figured out.

I picked up these dolls a couple of weeks ago. My brother and his wife will also be supplying a set of dolls, so the kiddo will have a nice big family to play with and live in the house! It's handy to have these ones here to provide scale as I start building furniture. While I would love to furnish the house completely with Plan toys stuff, it's expensive! So for now most likely just the kitchen will get purchased furniture, and the rest I'll make enough for ongoing play. Further sets can be birthday presents later on.

This is the bed I made for the blue room.

Mattress and pillow were made out of my fabric stash.

The bed is super simple - just popsicle sticks glued together.

On the bottom, I drilled holes into the popsicle sticks for legs made out of some dowel from the dollar store, glued the dowel into the holes, and stuck some tacks in the bottom just for the heck of it. This works surprisingly well! Now I have to make a couple of similar beds for the kid's room.

Total spent this post - $1 for hook and eye.
Total spent to date: $17.

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