Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dollhouse renovation part III: interior trim

I was able to sneak down to the basement for a little while yesterday while the sick-but-improving kiddo was sleeping, and did a little work on the dollhouse. The interior is mostly painted (the green and red rooms need another coat, but the blue and yellow are done). And I started mucking around with how to trim the windows - originally I was thinking to just paint, but I played a bit with some popsicle sticks and came up with this:

The popsicle sticks don't fit together perfectly because the kitchen shears I was using to cut them kind of warp the wood during cutting, but it's good enough. I have some wood filler I'm going to use to smooth things out, then I'll paint the trim to coordinate with the room (probably dark blue). I'll also trim around the door.

I found the best way to do this was first make a template of the window, then get everything cut out and fitted before gluing things down.

I also did the window of the yellow room. These don't actually take very long! I'm hoping today I can finish the interior painting and start getting the finished floors installed, since they'll need to be glued down and then weighted for a day or two so they stay down.

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