Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Doll house renovation part V: STILL working on the interior

It's coming along! I'm actually surprisingly close to finishing the interior. The floors are all installed, and the windows have all been framed.

The blue room has had two coats of dollar store white acrylic applied to the trim, and I think that's plenty. ($1 spent on paint; the small paintbrushes I'm using for trim work I have a ton of already). Which means there's actually only one more thing to do here - install the 'curtain rod' and make the curtains. I'll cover that in a separate post.

Floor installed in the red room. I like it!

I've started putting in the trim in the yellow room. I'm hoping tonight to get all the remaining trim glued down in all three remaining rooms so that tomorrow I can apply the wood filler to the cracks and then get it painted. The window frames in the yellow and green rooms are both fully painted, so I can get the curtain rods installed there too; the red room window frame needs at least one coat to cover the wood filler. If I can find some craft varnish for a reasonable price I would like to make the trim semi-gloss, just because I think that would look nice, but I may not get to that.

Then it's on to the outside! Right now I am thinking I will paint it white with some semi-gloss pure white paint I have leftover from when we painted our house. Then I'll trim around the windows with the popsicle sticks, probably painted lavender. I'd also like to paint vines and flowers on the outside, but we'll see.

I would like to figure out at least a little bit of furniture (I don't plan to go overboard here, as I figure dollhouse furniture will make good gifts for birthdays and that sort of thing over the next couple of years!). I picked up a few things from the dollar store that will be useful in furniture creation, I'm going to play around with any leftover popsicle sticks, and I'm hoping to maybe get my hands on some Barbie furniture - I have some paints especially for plastic so I could paint the Barbie furniture to be a little less bubblegum. Assuming I can find some, of course!

Spent on paint: $1
Total spent to date: $15

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