Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trades #2: Dress up stuff and baby toys

The swine flu appears to have arrived at my house. Yay. So not much going on with my own projects! So far the only sick one is my older daughter, so I am crossing my fingers no one else gets sick!

I got an amazing package yesterday from a craft trade I was involved in. Really, really gorgeous stuff. First off, the crown above - it has elastic in it to stretch to fit.

Next up, this amazing dress up cape. I almost wish it was my size! I could really use a shimmery rainbow star cape for lecturing.

Well, maybe not.

Thirdly, fleece rainbow wizard hat. This set of three is for my older daughter. I know I have some shiny pink material downstairs somewhere, so I'm hoping to whip up a pink cape as well, probably with her first initial appliqued on the back superhero style, and the whole package will be one of her Christmas presents.

Next up, baby/toddler manipulative toys. This one is SO pretty - terry cloth on one side (great for chewing, and since the baby still only has two teeth, there's lots of teething yet to come!), black/white/colours on the inside, and the tags. This one will get a lot of use for peekaboo, I suspect. Given the baby's fondness for terrycloth, I suspect there's a good chance this may become an important comfort object for her.

This is SO cool. A sort of a brightly coloured make-up type bag filled with squares of brightly coloured fabric.

What's really fun is the squares are all attached end-to-end, so pull one out, and eventually out they all come! The baby is going to love this one. I'm saving these to put in her stocking.

Have I mentioned how much I love this craft trading stuff? I would never have thought to make any of these items, and now I have a bunch of awesome Christmas presents.


Andrea said...

what a great trade you received.
Are you interested in a handmade stocking stuffer trade? I found a couple of blogs hosting them, but they were already closed (and some were USA only because of shipping). If you know of other (canadian?) crafty peeps who might like to join one then I would be interested too.

Purplelizard said...

Hmmmmmm, I'm not sure I know enough people! The only Canadian involved in the last swap I did is pretty over scheduled until after christmas. And there don't seem to be very many crafty types on MMs.

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